Clif Bar (i2 company)


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In 2012 the Clif Bar Headquarters became the first Platinum LEED certified building in Emeryville, California. In pursuit of Zero Waste, Clif Bar has also teamed up with the organization Terracycle to recycle wrappers into new merchandise like totes and wallets. Through Clif's Save our Snow (S.O.S program, Clif works to inspire and empower skiers and snowboarders to fight global warming. To date, Clif Bar has: (1) traveled to 50 ski resorts in 10 states--in an RV that runs on used veggie oil--to educate skiers about ways to reduce their climate footprint; (2) sponsored the Golden Eagle Awards, which recognize ski resorts for their eco efforts; (3) introduced the first ever iPhone app that combines updates about a ski resort's environmental efforts with the current snow conditions; (4) co-sponsored Generations, a short film on the impact of global warming from the perspective of skiers and snowboarders (the film inspired our staff ecologist to join professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in Washington to speak to Congress on the issue); and (5) developed the nation's first website for "green travel" to and from the slopes, helping people find local ski bus services and ridesharing opportunities.

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