Climate Counts Campus Champion

In 2011, Climate Counts teamed up with the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute to bring our message to college students.

Since then, we’ve realized the impact of having power in numbers.  When students unite around a common goal, big companies listen and great things happen.

What It Is    

Climate Counts wants to be one of your most important allies in inspiring meaningful climate action on your campus. When individual consumers make climate-conscious choices, companies listen, but when entire campuses flex their consumer muscle, the impact on companies is tremendous. We need your help in amplifying more voices committed to changing the way businesses think about their response to the global climate crisis. Everyone shops. Everyone has a voice.

How It Works

By bringing the Climate Counts campaign to your campus, you can both show big business that you and your campus community are paying attention to their climate action (or inaction) and strengthen your school's position as a leader in sustainability which is increasingly making campuses more and more competitive. We need your help on three fronts:

(1) Engaging students, faculty & staff on how to become climate-conscious consumers & activists.

(2) Creating a social media buzz around the ongoing Climate Counts' Campaigns.

(3) Advocating for responsible procurement with school administrators & sustainability staff.  

Impacts We've Had

Thanks to the hundreds of consumers who joined the Climate Counts Green Watching Campaign and got the attention of global media giant News Corp, the owner of Fox, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post! News Corp responded and more importantly did not deny that its news coverage of climate issues is completely out of sync with the company's commitment to action.



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