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Our Friends and Allies


"Climate Counts superbly frames some of the most crucial emerging issues related to climate change -- namely that consumers and investors need to know they can make conscious choices and that addressing climate change is ultimately good for business."

— Kevin Knobloch, President, Union of Concerned Scientists

coop america

"Standing on the shoulders of consumer and environmental groups, human rights and labor organizations, faith congregations and citizens who demand corporate accountability, Climate Counts focuses like a laser beam on corporate climate responsibility. Let’s all join in with Climate Counts on this most crucial issue of our times!"

— Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Co-op America


"Climate Counts is really about education; it's not about the score. It is designed to help everyone see where we are today and to inspire consumers and companies to work together more purposefully to confront climate change."

— Carey E. Stanton, Sr. Director for Education and Integrated Marketing, National Wildlife Federation


We value our many friends in the business community, the consumer awareness community, and the environmental community. Want your organization to become a Climate Counts ally and help us get the Climate Counts Company Scorecard in more hands? E-mail us with information about your organization at allies@climatecounts.org